Our Team

Who We Are

We are a group of people, with a proven track record of meeting and exceeding expectations on challenging and pioneering projects. We are motivated to take on initiatives, with an emphasis on the common good, and positive social impact. We have a strong commitment to planning and execution, which is reflected in the results and achievements we have obtained.

Our group shares a strong commitment to ethical and moral principles, along with full transparency, without conflict of interests. In our professional careers, we have been entrusted with the administration of financial resources; due to our reputation. A number of global organizations have extended invitations to us to lead important projects and commissions.

Chris Lopez is our leader for social & business ecosystem (CEO & CIO)

Expert in the architecture of online social services, business apps, and tech ventures, with broad international recognition. Vehemently devoted to providing equal internet access to all people.

Miguel Palma is our leader for finance & marketing (CVO)

Strategic advisor in finance, taxes, and wealth management for several companies and individuals in the U.S.

Wildly committed to helping people achieve their financial dreams and goals.

Cristian Ocaña is our leader for business development (CMO & CFO)

Visionary advisor in tech industry and innovation. Devoted to building strong communities in different industries to achieve their goals.

Deeply committed to mentoring new entrepreneurs in social networks, and business startups.

Mike Finch is our leader of applications and online platforms (CTO)

Skilled in development of online transactional platforms and integrating them with various apps and internet technologies. Fervently dedicated to utilizing complex algorithms, high availability, big data, and all new technology trends to improve the quality of life of related groups.